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Keep design and development in sync

Framer is all about empowering designers to own their work. You get to validate and test your designs using real data, plugged into beautiful end-to-end apps that are often indistinguishable from the real thing. But what happens once your prototype goes into production? That process usually involves other team members — an engineer or two…

Easily digestible infographic dashboards

We’ve been working on DashMetrics for a few months. It started as an idea we discussed over a few drinks, that turned into an evening/weekends side project that we’re now launching as a company. We noticed a need in large businesses, agencies, and startups, to share metrics, without the need to use a real-time dashboard….

We’re excited to make Juicero more accessible than ever: our Press is now $399.

Our goal is simple: to make it easier to consume more fruits and veggies everyday. So, last spring, we introduced the first countertop, cold-press juicing system — making it possible to press raw, organic juice at the touch of a button. Fast forward a few months. Your excitement and demand for easy, plant-based nutrition blew…