IVEXE Launches, Aims To Re-Imagine The Way To Sell Video Content

Ifyou are selling video products, you probably receive 80–10% royalty. This means, in many cases, the author only receives a small portion per sale. For physical goods, such as paperback books, the picture may be much worse.

However, we decided to experiment and proposed a new business model — a subscription with a fixed price of $1 for each video sold, monthly. This means, that until your video is on our platform, you pay $1, monthly. This model is quite unusual, but it raises some questions to the whole ecosystem and the sales process. What have we learned? If an author has content, which attracts buyers, then this model is highly profitable for a seller. For example, if the value of your video course is $500, and it sells well, you receive 100% of the royalty, and your monthly cost is only $1.

We are happy to invite you sign-up on ivexe.com and hope you’ll love the solution. Selling with Ivexe, you get the 100% royalty. That means if you want to sell at $500 you get $500. Your customers can consume your video content as an online stream on any devices, and at any time. Ivexe provides an unlimited professional video hosting, HTML5 video player, marketing and social tools.

Ivexe.com designed by creators for creators. Our mission is to make the selling of video products straightforward and efficient, and the new website is designed precisely for these purposes.

You are welcome to Sign-up Today. It’s free and no credit cards required.


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