Easily digestible infographic dashboards

We’ve been working on DashMetrics for a few months. It started as an idea we discussed over a few drinks, that turned into an evening/weekends side project that we’re now launching as a company.

We noticed a need in large businesses, agencies, and startups, to share metrics, without the need to use a real-time dashboard. Top line metrics, that need to reported to stakeholders on a regular basis, for example. We found people were going the classic route of collecting this information and sharing in spreadsheets or via email, and built DashMetrics to solve this problem.

Dashboards can be populated with metrics manually, where data isn’t available via an API, and we’re working to integrate with more data source, to automate the collection of metrics where possible. Dashboards can be public (free) or private (paid) depending on the users need.

We also found that once people reached a milestone metric that they wanted to share (say reaching 10k followers on twitter), they needed to use graphics tool to create a good looking image to share with their posts. DashMetrics will create beautiful images for your to share your metrics across the popular social media networks, all sized correctly!

Would love to get your feedback and suggestions moving forward, as this is just the start of our journey to making metrics sexy!

Mubashar Iqbal

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